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Who watched FLASH GORDON on sci-fi tonight staring Eric Johnson and Gina Holden. I did, I'd seen the promo and thought it looked fun and exciting. I first noticed it because Eric Johnson played in my favorite show Smallville in the first season but that's a contradiction because I HATED his character Whitney Lol. I really did. I couldn't stand his character, his jealousy with Clark or his attitude. I do like Eric Johnson on his own though because I loved him in the movie "Gingers Snaps 2: Unleashed". So yeah, I watched FG it tonight and I thought it was fun. I love how the relationship between him and Dale isn't angsty, it's adorable and fresh. I'm officially calling them "Dash" I think. Lol. Cause "Flale" just doesn't work. And Flash himself is pretty funny. "Just keep smiling, you wanted me to be upset but I'm not upset so now your upset..." Lol. I just love him here!

Was just wondering what others though. Be aware though that I've never seen the original flash. My brother thought it was about "The Flash" from dc comics. Lol.
Flash Gordon TV

Hawkmen and Arborians and duels to the death! Oh my!

As part of the continued build-up to the Friday release of the show, have posted full footage of their ComicCon Flash Gordon Panel. Both Eric (Flash) and Gina (Dale) appear on the panel with two of the producers.

They talk a LOT about how the show will run, even dropping some names like 'Hawkmen' and 'Prince Barin'. Topics like travelling to Mongo, use of Queen's music and Eric and Gina's new favourite toys are discussed. They start answering questions from the audience about halfway through the video.

Only a couple of days to go!
Flash Gordon TV

First footage of the show

"All we have to do is save the universe. That shouldn't be too hard."

SciFi has posted another promotional 20 second clip for Flash Gordon on their website. The clip features the first we've heard of Ming and footage of Flash, Dale and Jonathan Walker (Rankol). Oh, and they're still using the revamped Queen theme for the music, which is a VERY good sign.

You can view the video here (and possibly on the SciFi channel as well).

Series Teaser has posted the teaser spot for Flash Gordon on the official site. This is the trailer that was seen during the series finale of Stargate SG-1 a few weeks ago. (I may be wrong on that, so feel free to correct me.)

It is only a short spot, with no actual footage from the show, but it includes one thing that should make most fans pretty happy - the Queen theme music.

Promo pics are up! has added a gallery of Flash Gordon photos to their official site. They seem to be a mix of promotional and on-set photos and give you a first look at Flash, Dale, Dr Zarkov (I think - the site is a little buggy for me), and the inhabitants of Mongo.

You can see the gallery here:

Here's an example of what to expect.

Flash and Dale

Photo blatently hotlinked from

Karen Cliche as Baylin


The actress Karen Cliche has recently posted on her official forum that she's been tapped for a role in the Sci Fi Channel's upcoming series "Flash Gordon."

In her own words: "I play Baylin, who is not without a little tough, sexy, butt kickin attitude!"

Karen is no stranger to physical acting parts, as evidenced by some of her previous experiences as Mackenzie Previn in Adventure Inc., Lexa Pierce in Mutant X, and Jacqueline Roget in Young Blades.

Mongo borrows from Oz

As posted over on

Flash Uses Tin For Mongo

SCI FI Channel's upcoming original series Flash Gordon will make use of some pieces of the elaborate sets for SCI FI's miniseries Tin Man, which is also filming in Vancouver, Canada, Mark Stern, SCI FI's executive vice president of original programming, told SCI FI Wire. Flash Gordon, a 21st-century update of the classic comic-strip serial, begins shooting on May 1 and premieres on Aug. 10.

Reusing the sets will allow Flash to create a rich look for the planet Mongo, Stern said. "There are some elements of the villain in Tin Man that are similarly dictatoresque in the villain Ming the Merciless on Mongo [in Flash Gordon]," Stern said in an interview at an NBC press event in Pasadena, Calif., over the weekend. "The Wicked Witch in Tin Man definitely has this dictatorship thing going on. So her palace has this Albert Speer-like 1930s design, with Roman columns and fascinating big elaborate halls. So we could retool and repaint and change the glass, and it will be very distinguishably different."

Eric Johnson (Smallville) is set to play the lead role. He said the Flash Gordon set has a "retro-futurisitic feel" to it. "It's the same company making both shows, so whatever you can beg or borrow makes sense," he said. "We're shooting in Vancouver, same place, but this is a very different set. It's like if someone gave you the frame of a car, and you can easily put a new engine in it."
—Mike Szymanski